A seed today, a forest tomorrow – Dr. Garry Palmer & Friends donate in support of cycling in Nigeria

“Never underestimate the valuable and important difference you make in every life you touch for the impact you make today has a powerful rippling effect on every tomorrow.” Leon Brown

In remote Osun State, Nigeria, young Olubu Ogunlegan, a female cyclist of the Osun State Professional Female Cycling team has always had a hard time training despite her love for the two-wheel sport. She has had to battle with the lack of bikes and other training gear. Despite this, she has relentlessly contributed to the growth of the Nigerian cycling community through her dedication and presence at every cycling event in the country. Thus, being a beneficiary of the donation from the UK is a real boost for Olubu’s morale; the bike and kit will go a long way in supporting her career.

Olubu Ogunlegan(middle) receives her donation

For 20-year-old Etim Daniel, a Pro cyclist from Akwa Ibom, it was a joyous feeling to be a beneficiary of one of the bike frames donated. Prior to this, Daniel had a broken bike frame, which affected his performance at the Lagos City Criterium where he took the fourth position. For him, the bike represents the opportunity to continue pursuing his dreams and to keep his aspirations alive.

Etim Daniel in his Team Elevate jersey leads the peloton at the Lagos City Criterium

Etim Daniel receives his bike frame

FIGHT TO FINISH: Etim Daniel finishing in the fourth position at the Lagos City Criterium

These are just a few examples of the very positive impact a group of friends has made on budding Nigerian Pro cycling community. There are many more young beneficiaries seeing their hopes and dreams coming alive. The donation of multiple bikes and hundreds of items of kit was far-reaching indeed.

Brighter Future Cycling Team spotting some of the donated jerseys


SCF is inspired by Jonathan Boyer and Tom Ritchey’s trailblazing work which led to a truly positive turn for cycling in Rwanda.  We hope that the work we are doing, and the support of enthusiasts like Garry and his friends, will contribute to a similar transformation of the sport in Nigeria.

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  1. Aminu kolapo

    The parents,cyclist coaches of Bright future cycling club Ibadan used this medium to express our gratitude for the support we received from SCF materially,technically and financially .

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