An enthusiast’s first day with the Pros: Lessons from Cycling

Habeeb Adamu, a young Accountant, who recently moved to Lagos might have hopped on and off a bicycle as a pastime while growing up in Northern Nigeria, he had never perceived cycling as more than another avenue to engage in childish playfulness with kids of his age. To him, it was just one of those sports.

He however, came to experience other beneficial sides of the sport when he had the opportunity to ride with a club of cycling professionals and enthusiasts in Lagos. He shares his experience below:

Ever since I got the news that I have been promoted to Cycology Riding Club, I have been looking forward to my first ride with the pros. And as providence will have it, my first ride coincided with a great event championed by the club in collaboration with Rotary International. Tagged “Polio Awareness Challenge,” the event is expected to raise enough fund and awareness to combat poliomyelitis in Nigeria.

To say I was eagerly waiting for this day is an understatement. I was anxious and overjoyed. Funny as it sounds, I woke up twice in the middle of the night thinking it was time, thinking that my dependable alarm could fail me this time. That goes to show how anxious I was.

On our way to the point of convergence (the Syrian Club), it drizzled. The weather threatened to ruin what is supposed to be one of my memorable days in Lagos. I remember praying inwardly for it not to rain.

And it didn’t. At least not heavy enough to mar the day.


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So we took off to the National Stadium for a photo session. The ride to the stadium was adventurous. For the first time in my stay here, I got to see and rode past so many areas in Lagos. But the ride to wasn’t as exciting as the ride from the stadium, considering the fact that only Mr. Nanbol and I rode.

The ride from the stadium was quite interesting, to say the least. We rode with Group C at a maximum speed of about 30km.

To what can I liken that exotic feeling as we rode through the Third Mainland Bridge (sandwiched by the sea)? What I like most about the ride was the spirit of oneness exuded by the team. The camaraderie. The “One for all, and all for one” attitude.

As we rode, I pondered over the ability of sport to bring together people who, hitherto, knew next to nothing about one another. There I was in the midst of the who’s who, the creme de la creme of the cycling community. I wondered how else our paths would have crossed if it were not for cycling.

Riding with the professionals does one thing to you. It makes you push your boundaries. It has a synergistic effect that makes you improve.

Especially when, on a lighter note, there is a lady in the group. You can’t afford to rack up when she’s still on the saddle.

We rode past so many places. Places like Yaba, Ebute-Meta, Oworo (or something close to that, pardon my Yoruba), etc. Finally, we went to Bourdillon Street for the usual loop(s) before we had a coffee break.

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  1. Nella Hengstler

    What a wonderful rendition of your first ride with Cycology Riding Club! We are happy to have you Habeeb.
    By the way, we are not professional riders by no means but a group of people (well 300 now) who the love for cycling has brought together. Looking forward to riding with you next week!

  2. Iboroma

    Thanks for sharing your experience of your first ride with Cycology Riding Club with us. It is a thoroughly enjoyable read that I suspect resonates with many of us; it definitely did for me. Reading your account reminded me about all I love about this sport; its grassroots nature, the ability to dissolve all man made barriers between citizens, the individual nature of our journey’s yet it’s team nature and the sense of community it fosters, the suffering and then the redemption. I wish you many more memorable rides on your bikeand may the wind always be at your back as you enjoy the great outdoors and the sport we all love. Keep on pushing Trooper!!!

  3. Akisanya Gbade

    Habeeb, welcome to the club and from your write up I can conclude that you enjoyed ur first day ride, we look forward to many more adventurous rides such as the century ride, tour of Lagos and finally your desire for speed begins now….

  4. Bimpe

    Love your writeup and I’m pleased you enjoyed the ride! I haven’t had the pleasure of meeting your but I’m sure our paths will cross soon. Welcome to Cycology!

  5. Seyilayo Ojo

    Welcome Habeeb! I must say you’ve travelled farther than you probably imagine. I had the same exhilarating experience when I started with the club. I wasn’t too certain it was something I could do or start and make a lifestyle. I had my fear of the road conditions to contend with and these fears were not helped by the fact that there were so many naysayers. However, more than anything else, it has opened my mind to the realisation that I could surmount all mental boundaries and hurdles that hiherto worked concertedly to limit my horizon; given me the needed push to keep on keeping on and appreciate the value of mind over matter, even in the midst of tumultuous challenges; infusing the zeal to push myself beyond limits and encourage; give me a greater sense and life of discipline and focus; make you see people differently (those on the road are not as bad as you’ve heard and thought); realize Lagos is much smaller than you probably imagined; network with a crop of the best forward looking people and professionals and stay fit and healthy in the process. I could go on and on. Welcome aboard, Habeeb…..

  6. Aminu kolapo

    Without any ethnicity cycling or religious discrimination cycling bind various people together in joy and happiness.

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