Message from Sustainable Cycling Foundation’s iCycle Youth Training Camp

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The future of Nigerian cycling is already here and it ain’t looking half bad. However, we all need to play our part to give our young people hope. The skills they are picking up will help them find meaning and purpose in their own lives so that they can be useful to self, and society.

cycling, message, Nigeria, Youth, Cycling

Cycling and Triathlons are the platforms we have identified and SCF is leading the way. Cycling is a grassroots sport and it’s growth lies in developing the sport at the base. Kudos to the team for all the work and support of the youth cycling project.

Garrick “the Potential” Bassey also has earned the admiration of a grateful cycling community for all the work done to build the sport where it matters. To the kids, in your hands more than ours lies your future; take it.

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